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IT Modernization and application Development

  • Application Development

Weems Design Studio currently has two (2) ongoing contracts with United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

  • USDA Food Safety and Inspection Services (FSIS) Business Objects

    WDS provides a team of SAP Business Objects Universe Designers and Report Writers to support (FSIS) which has responsibility to ensure that the nation's commercial supply of food is safe for the consumers. The FSIS Office of Chief Information Officer (OCIO) as well as Office of Data Integration and Food Protection (ODIFP). ODIFP uses Public Health Information System (PHIS) system for data integration, analysis, policy development, performance measurement, reporting and analytics. The purpose of this particular effort is to design and develop additional Business Objects (BO) Universes and reports to enhance reporting and analytics capabilities. These Universes and reports are to utilize the PHIS data from the separate report server and should ensure the reliability and integrity of the results. The WDS maintains, updates and enhances approximately 200 reports on an ongoing basis.
  • USDA Office of Human Resource Management (OHRM) Enterprise Performance Management Application (EPMA)

    In 2016 Weems was awarded the contract to create the FSIS Human Resources General Support System (HR-GSS) which modernized 29 disparate HR applications into a single HR platform designed to manage the lifecycle of employees from recruitment to retirement. The HR-GSS contract included an initial three-year build where modules covering different HR functions (Performance Management, Workers' Compensation, Workplace Violence Prevention, Position Management, Personnel Action Processing among others) were developed and brought online using an Agile methodology. The project was such a success that, in addition to winning USDA's Small Business of the Year award in 2017, the Performance Management module was selected to become the Performance Management application for the entire USDA. Beginning in 2020 Weems was awarded the contract to create the Enterprise Performance Management Application - taking the initial work done at FSIS and elevating it to the entire enterprise. As of 2021 the project is still ongoing and creates a platform for additional HR functions to incorporated in the future.

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Ecommerce Specialists

  • COTS and Custom Development
  • Application Development

The WDS team knows Ecommerce. With a successful track record of partnering with organizations, our team has the unparalleled ability to pragmatically deliver a complete end to end digital selling platform. WDS is committed to utilizing best-in-class technologies to architect, implement, and support end-to-end modern Ecommerce system with enterprise level integrations and hosting. We have expertise across Product & Inventory Management, Enterprise Integrations, Online and In-Store Systems, Search, Security, Analytics plus Promotions & Marketing. WDS is the right partner to successfully implement, enhance or improve your overall Ecommerce offering.

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National Footbal League (NFL)

  • Private Application
  • Application Development

The NFL worked with WDS to produce an online application that would allow network affiliates such as Cox, ESPN, and NBC to acquire network materials. These materials included television spots, commercial grids, approved marketing materials such as logos, and branding for the 50 year celebration of the Super Bowl.

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